The elements of a contract are a ) offer b ) acceptance C ) compatibility d ) both Aamp;B 20

Can you explain these questions with the correct answers through 19 to 25?
19 .The elements of a contract area )offerb )acceptanceC )compatibilityd )both A&B20 .A prenuptial agreement in Pennsylvania2 )is illegal unless it is fair*b )must be entered into freely , knowledgeably with full disclosures of all assetsC )is very similar to a post- nuptial agreementd )all of the above21Jurisdictiona )Is the power of a court to hear the merits of a caseb )Is similar to collateral estoppelsC )Consists of both personal and subject matter problemsd )Both A & D22 .The case in the book where the sisters agreed to share in gambling winnings was anillustration of :`a )the defense arguing that the agreement was illegal according to state lawb )a contract without considerationC )a written note constituting a valid agreementd )all of the above23.Steve was 25 when he purchased his own racing bike . He smashed the bike through hisown fault with a wall and returned the handlebar to the dealer requesting all of his moneyback :`a )he will loseOhe will win but will not get all of his money backhe will wind )he must repair the bike first and then return it24 .When you are questioning your own witness on direct examination , the lawyer on theother side will have an objection sustained if you2 )ask leading questionsask questions that call for hearsayC )ask questions that aren’t relevantd )all of the above25.The function of a lawyer in any case , whether criminal or civil , is :d )make every witness out to be a liarb )bring out the truthC )create the best story possibled )present the facts in the light most favorable to his / her client

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