Alicia fell in a store on olive oil, she has an excellent case needs to prove notice on the part of the store owner may be comparatively negligent…

Can you explain these questions with the correct answers through 13 to 18?
13.Alicia fell in a store on olive oil, she hasan excellent caseneeds to prove notice on the part of the store ownermay be comparatively negligentboth B&C14.The good Samaritan rulea)protects doctors in some circumstancesb)attempts to remove the fear of potential liability if a medical professional tries tohelp in an emergencyc)protects everyone who helps out in an emergencyboth A&B15.Your employer promised you a bonus for being a faithful and hard working employee.You waited for your check and no bonus was ever paid. The following is true:a)if you complain, you may be fired because the boss needs no reasonb)you won’t win the lawsuitthere is no consideration for the promiseall the above16.You were told to brief the cases in the book outlining the following:a)Constitution, statute and statutory lawb)subject matter and personal jurisdictionPrecedent, law and important datesThe facts, issue and holding17.The mailbox rule pertains toofferacceptanceo bike first and then rotundfaxes & emailsboth B&Cyour owa with18.Dave was a "volunteer" doctor at a hospital working in the emergency room after hereceived a call that he was needed because of a tornado that had hit the Georgia coast.He did not diagnose an infection on a woman who was rushed to the hospital. As a resultof the infection the woman lost her leg. The following is truehe has a good argument for winning the casepunitive damages are recoverable against doctorsummary judgment would be awarded in favor of the doctorboth A&C

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