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Term Paper

A term paper is referred to the paper composed by students at the end of the academic term,

Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of writing based on thorough research and coherent representation of the findings related to the topic chosen

Answers Questions

Questions-answers is an academic piece of writing that needs answering specific questions.


A coursework is a practical piece of writing composed by students in form of a dissertation, thesis, project, which is a part of course

Book Review

A book review is referred to a thorough analysis of a certain book suggested by the professor or chosen by you; its key weaknesses and strengths.


Rewriting implies fixing rough drafts or writing afresh. It is possible to change word order, change words or phrases, exclude or include sections


It allows allocating and correcting content issues. Revision is an essential process as it allows polishing works & gain better results.

Presentation and Speech

Speech Writing is to convey a certain message to the audience. The reasons for its usage are to explain, inform, etc.

Multiple Choice Test

A multiple-choice question test with answers is a widely applied method so as to evaluate the knowledge of students about a certain subject.