I need someone to revise my paper + and write a 4 page paper report Literature Review ActivitiesAll projects must include a search and review of relevant and credible literature presented in a 4-page report.  This should provide background for the project and/or provide the basis for the methodologies being used in the project.  For example, if you are developing a Web site for a client, you might focus on the software tools you use and when they might be used or a topic such as usability, if that is your focus. Your Literature Review should include the sources, a brief description of the content of each source, and the applicability to your project.  It is anticipated that you will review 10 – 15 scholarly articles, technical Web sites, or books, depending on the type of project.The sources should be credible and not just the opinion of a specific individual. They should be verified as credible and cited in APA format. Each source should be listed with a paragraph explaining the contents of the document and why it is relevant to your project.The literature review is subject to a formal review process, with a draft being submitted to the professor for review and feedback followed by a completed report to be submitted to the client.

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