Post-Implementation Evaluations can prove to be quite an effective tool, in determining if the deployed system fulfills the needs (requirements) that were anticipated by the user community. In addition, the evaluation verifies whether (or not) the system produces the anticipated benefits. Using the requirements that were established, the evaluation includes feedback in the following areas:1. Accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the IS output2. User satisfaction3. System reliability and maintainability4. Adequacy of system controls and security measures5. Hardware efficiency and platform performance6. Performance of the IT team (analysis, engineering, programmers, etc.)7. Completeness and quality of documentation8. Quality and effectiveness of training9. Accuracy of cost-benefit estimates10.  Accuracy of development and implementation schedulesYour Assignment (as a response to this topic): Select three (3) of the evaluation areas listed, and, in your own words, explain why this information would serve as important feedback to the systems analyst, as well as the project manager and his or her support staff. Be concise in your response; give examples, and cite your resources. Also, respond to two students for this discussion question. 

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