For Profeessor Timetest ONLY- Government in Healthcare

Using the same question on HIPAA from the previous 2- HIPAA was deployed in 1990 to protect patient privacy. The question posted may be: What affect did HIPAA legislation have on patient quality of care?
Complete the following:
Choose your national or state health care policy. (HIPAA)
Develop the Purpose of the Proposed Study (300words).
Complete the Research Questions section (100–300 words).
Complete the Definition of Terms section (300 words.)
Paper resource:
Each week, you will be presented with a different resource. The weekly resource does not need to be read in full. It should be used as a guide to keep you on track with your work.
Phase 3 resource:
Kunnath, R. J. (2012). “Universal healthcare”- is it the solution for the current healthcare crisis in the United States? ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 235. Drew University. Retrieved from (1035315387).
Remember this is a extention of the last two papers on the same subject and there will be three more sectiions after this that build upp to the last paper. ANy questions please let me know.

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