Zero-Based Operational FTE Budget Draft

NSG 6620 Week 7 Assignment 2: Zero-Based Operational FTE Budget Draft
Typically, healthcare organizations already have a budget worksheet or spreadsheet for preparing the operational budget.The budget worksheet or spreadsheet contains information identified with an account number or a subcode depicting the cost center.This worksheet or spreadsheet is generally provided when the nurse leader begins to work on the next operational budget.
This week, you will begin preparing a zero-based operational FTE budget based on the results of targeted HPPD and the previous year’s average daily census (ADC).For this assignment, you will use the operating worksheet or spreadsheet from the organization in which you are completing your Practicum I experience.Then, you will create a zero-based FTE operational budget for one year.The year may be a calendar year or fiscal year depending on your practicum setting.
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your progress on the final zero-based operational FTE budget due in Week 10.This assignment provides you the opportunity to self-assess and determine any issues or challenges that need to be resolved prior to completing and submitting the final assignment.
Week 7 Tasks
Begin this assignment by having a discussion with your practicum preceptor.Make sure you complete the following based on your discussion:
Select one nursing unit you will use for this assignment.This can be your own nursing unit in your practicum setting.
Make sure you have access to the data required to complete this assignment.
If the healthcare organization of your practicum setting does not have or will not share its budget worksheet or spreadsheet, then you should create your own worksheet or spreadsheet in a Microsoft Excel format.
Then, write a draft budget for the nursing unit.Your final version of the FTE budget, which is due in Week 10, should include all of the components listed below.However, for this week, your instructor will assign the components that need to be completed.
Prepare a draft of a zero-based operational budget that includes the following based on your selected nursing unit:
Operating expenses with subcodes
of subcodes
Prior-year expenses of subcodes
Original budget allocations for subcodes
Annualized expense for subcodes
Budget adjustments for subcodes
Approved budget for subcodes
Personnel costs for one nursing unit
Personnel Costs for One Nursing Unit—Components
The nursing personnel budget is based on the total number of hours of care needed, which is determined by patient-acuity levels.Complete the following budget calculations using the information given and add these to the zero-based operational budget as a line item and subcode.
Patient-Acuity Levels
HPPD (Hours Per Patient Day)
4.0 hours
6.4 hours
10.5 hours
16.0 hours
The staffing formula is: (Average census x Nursing hours x 1.4 x 1.14) / 7.5
Use APA style and formatting for your assignment.Make sure to include a title and a reference section for the assignment.
Submit your budget in a Microsoft Excel worksheet to the W7: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Tuesday, October 17, 2017.Name your document SU_NSG6620_W7_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.xls.