Written assignment on automation (2500 to 3500 words)


a) What is your personal philosophy about firms using automation without regard to its impact on society? 

b) What type of a political and economic system do you think might be best suited for a society where automation can provide the bulk of people’s needs? What about Bill Gates’ suggestion on taxing robot output? Keep in mind that robots do not consume (assuming they are not sentient in the way humans are) and that demand for products comes from people with the ability to pay. 

c) As automation reduces the importance of labor cost as a basis for competitive advantage (and perhaps eliminates it), how do you think the global competitiveness landscape for manufacturing will change? 

d) Finally, how may cultural (e.g. Hofstede’s dimensions) and ethical factors (e.g. Utilitarian) moderate the rate of adoption of these types of technologies in different countries. Data at moralmachine.mit.edu may be helpful.