Write a brief literature review

Write 2 brief literature review on 2 journals. 400 words for each journal.

  • A short statement of the author’s perspective (Example of sentence starters: In this article, Johnson reviews . . .; This article examines . . .; The authors describe . . .: The author’s purpose is to challenge . . .)
  • A short summary of the theory, research findings, or argument (Example of sentence starters: The main ideas expressed are . . .; Support for these claims is documented . . .; Smith has conducted a thorough investigation of . . .; The author’s research focuses on . . .)
  • Comments on the usefulness and/or limitations of the text for your research (Example of sentence starters: The author provides a strong theoretical . . .; The writing style considers a range of audiences . . .; Theories are supported by well-known researchers in this field, such as . . .; There is a lack of supporting evidence . . .; The main limitation of the website …)
  • An evaluative comment on the work, taking into account how this work will fit into your research on a topic (Example of sentence starters: This article is useful for my research topic . . .; Because the information is up-to-date and from a reliable source . . .; It is relevant to my study because . . .; In particular, this article will assist . . .)
  • Sample annotation paragraph
    The article examines the meaning of the word ‘care’ within a nursing context. The responsibility of nurses to provide care is legitimized in numerous documents, and the author goes on to identify key concepts related to nursing care.
    In particular, these concepts include assisting, helping and giving a service; offering this service to people who need help with daily living activities and to others who are affected by health deviations or illness of some kind.
    Moreover, the nurse’s caring role is legitimized by the patients. Finally, the article concludes by relating how these concepts are put into operation by using the steps of the nursing process—assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the patient’s need for nursing care. The main limitation of the article is that all of the research was exclusively conducted in large city hospitals.
    Therefore, while the article is useful for an analysis of nursing care, the limitations of its research base will require some adaption to meet the needs of this assignment that requires a commentary on services in both city and country area hospitals.

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