Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430 recent

Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430

Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430

7 assignment case study

Women’s Health Case Study

General Guidelines for Comprehensive Case
Study – the due date assigned

You will complete the iHuman case, “Nancy

After completing the iHuman case, you will
present the case and supporting evidence in a PowerPoint presentation with the
following components:

Slide 1: Title, Student Name, Course, Date

Slide 2: Summary or synopsis of Ms.
Campbell’s case

Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430
Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430

Slide 3: HPI

Slide 4: Medical History

Slide 5: Family History

Slide 6: Social History

Slide 7: ROS

Slide 8: Examination

Slide 9: Labs (In-house)

Slide 10: Primary Diagnosis and 3
Differential Diagnoses – ranked in priority

Primary Diagnosis should be supported by data in the patient’s history
and exam

Slide 11: Management Plan: medication
(dose, route, frequency), non-medication treatment, tests ordered, education,

Slide 12-17: An evaluation of 5
evidence-based articles applicable to Ms. Campbell’s case: evaluate 1 article
per slide

Include title, author, and year of article

Brief summary / purpose of the study

How did the study support Ms. Campbell’s

Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430Course texts will not count as a scholarly
source; if using data from websites you must go back to the literature source
for the information-no secondary sources are allowed, i.e. Medscape, UptoDate,

Slide 18: Reference List

You will submit the PowerPoint presentation
in the Submissions Area by the due date assignbedName your Case Study
Presentation SU_NSG6430_W7_A2_lastname_firstinitial.doc

A 37-year-old woman G2P2 presents with a lump in her left breast. Her husband noticed it recently and she is concerned, especially as she had an aunt that had breast cancer and thinks that a great-grandmother or some other ancestor may have died of breast cancer as well. Both of her children (9 and 7) were delivered without complication and she breastfed “for well over a year” with each. She has no other significant PMH or allergies. She is 5’ 6” tall, weighs 144 lb and has a BMI of 22 and works as an office manager. She is a non-smoker, considers herself to be an “almost” vegetarian and has a glass of wine many evenings with dinner.

Assignment: Women’s Health Case Study nsg 6430She has regular physicals and is up-to-date on pap smears which have always been normal. Meds include a daily multi-vitamin and occasional acetaminophen for tension headache or ibuprofen during her period. Upon examination, the lump is discovered. It is firm and near the surface and no other masses are discovered. The lump is aspirated and an opaque liquid is removed. Following this procedure, the lump has vanished.

What is the differential diagnosis?

What would be any further screening or treatment options?

What is her risk of developing breast cancer?

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