WK4Assgn+Burnett+M Application: Critical Incidents in Academic Institutions Michelle R. Burnett June 26, 2016 IPSY-8754-1 Personnel Psych Walden…

Please only accept this question if you are familiar with the O*NET tool.
Presume that you have been hired to develop an employee selection process to hire individuals for a middle school teacher position.
Using the O*NET ratings (generalized work ratings, ability ratings, and work styles ratings) explain the important parts of the job that should serve as a foundation for selection. (1 Page Double-Spaced)
I’ve already started this assignment, but could use some third-party concepts to help formulate my final paper. Attached you will find the past two assignments (dealing with the middle school teacher) along with the generalized work activities scale that may help in generating this addition.
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3

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