Wk 5 assessment prep: business case research wk 5 assessment prep: | FIN/571 | University of Phoenix


Your company wants to acquire more funding and will need a business case to do so. This business case will be featured in your financial plan that you will create next week. To get yourself prepared for developing the financial plan, create an outline of your business case in which you do the following:

  • Determine why funding is needed for the company. 
  • Determine the sources of funding. Consider self-funding, borrowing, equity, venture capital, etc. 
  • Evaluate the requirements of each funding source you determined appropriate. 
  • Analyze the associated risks of each funding source. 
  • Decide which sources are the best fit for your company based on the requirements of each. Justify your decision.
  • Estimate the cost of capital for both short-term and long-term funding sources. Research current estimated APRs for your selected sources of funding. Consider creating a table or chart to display this information.

Submit your assignment. 

Note Please:

Writing Standards – Please follow all APA formatting requirements, in-text referencing requirements, and referencing for all work – induing discussion questions, participation, presentations, etc. Support all assertions. The UOPX APA Sample Writing Paper is an excellent resource.

Originality – if you submit work with more than a 20% turnitin match ( properly referenced or not) the work will be reviewed for originality. Work with originality issues will be scored a zero. 

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