Wk 2 – apply: summative assessment: statistical process control | OPS/574 | University of Phoenix

This assignmnet has a grading rubric

To learn how to apply Statistical Process Control Methods (SPCM) to a process, continue the flowchart from Week 1 and identify variances within a process. You can find variances from the data identified in Week 1.

Complete the Week 2 Statistical Process Control Methods Worksheet.

To begin, measure the entire process over 10-12 periods of time (days, months, years). Use time as your Metric.
Create a control chart including the baseline, upper control limits (UCL) and lower control limits (LCL). 

Submit your assignment using the Week 2 Statistical Process Control Methods Worksheet.
You may include your computations and graphs on the work sheet, or attach them separately.

 Use subject line of:
Student Name, Assignment week, date due
Michael Lindquist, Week 2, 5.23.2023

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