Week 7 Organizational Change Paper Attached Files: File Generic Change Management.ppt (1.812 MB) File Kotter-Leading-Change-Why-transformation-efforts-fail.pdf (692.857 KB) File Kubler Ross.pdf (20.058 KB) File Improvisationsal model for change.pdf (190.2

Week 7 Organizational Change PaperAttached Files: Generic Change Management.ppt (1.812 MB) Kotter-Leading-Change-Why-transformation-efforts-fail.pdf (692.857 KB) Kubler Ross.pdf (20.058 KB) Improvisationsal model for change.pdf (190.235 KB) Organizational Change Management Paper.pptx (450.616 KB)This paper will give you an opportunity to evaluate a failed organizational change, identify a theory that could have been used to develop the change, and aapply that theory to the failed change. The paper must follow these standards:be 8-10 pages of content in lengthhave at least three outside professional resourcesfollow APA standardsA PowerPoint of the paper is attached as well as the PowerPoint and the docuemtns discussing organizational change.

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