Week 4 discussion post. | Nursing homework help

Select the state where you plan to work as an advanced practice nurse and investigate the state’s policies on access to contraception and abortion for women with insurance and those without. What are the state’s infant and maternal mortality rates? Discuss the possible relationship between these factors. Address how as an advanced practice nurse and nursing leader, one can influence desired change in the current health policies. Be sure to identify one MSN Essential that most relates to this topic in your discussions.

***I plan to practice in the state of Florida, United States*** Please plagiarism in this paper should be less than 20%, any higher and the paper will be graded as ZERO. It needs to be APA style and cited, at least two references. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, please refer to the uploaded document for directions on how to further finished this assignment. Thanks 

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