Week 2 assign | Human Resource Management homework help

As a current or future health care administrator, what types of information are necessary to determine the need for an improvement initiative within an HSO? How might a health care administrator use this information to propose an improvement initiative for an HSO?

Planning, designing, and implementing improvement initiatives in HSOs requires that the health care administrator understands how to propose changes that will contribute to effective health care delivery. However, the health care administrator must also balance efforts to ensure that effective business practices and operations coincide with enhanced improvement initiatives for the HSO. As you examine approaches that health care administrators use to enact improvement initiatives in HSOs, you will begin to develop a unique skill set necessary for effective health care administration practice.

For this Assignment, review Case 3, “Where and How to Start?” in Chapter 7 of the text, Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems. Consider how you as a current or future health care administrator might implement an improvement initiative within an HSO. Reflect on the types of considerations, resources, and measures you might need to effectively address the status of a current improvement initiative within an HSO. Then, review the Week 2 Case Questions document in this week’s Learning Resources to complete the Assignment.

The Assignment (3–5 pages):

  • Complete the case questions presented.
  • Be sure to support your answers with the literature.

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