Two or three pages response

Lincoln asked whether a nation devoted to the values of liberty, equality, justice and opportunity “so conceived…can long endure.”

In these words, he told us a truth about our democracy – that its survival is never guaranteed, and that its success demands wisdom, action and even vigilance from American citizens.

This begs the question: What does it mean to be an American citizen?  Or posed in another fashion, what are the responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy?

Based on the discussions we’ve had in class, and based on your readings, your focus on those responsibilities – and attributes, should be evolving and becoming more focused.  If this grand democratic experiment known as the United States is to succeed, what needs to happen, and what role are you playing, or will you play?

So with that as a primer, this paper is meant as a vehicle for the student to express their own ideas on the role of citizens in a democracy.  Papers should not be more than four pages in length – typed and double spaced, and should reflect an analysis and synthesis of the articles 

( the articles and one example’s papers, example to more understand the homework ; how this homework should be like – I will send it by email when we done shake hand) 

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