Topic is ” how humans evolved through decades and how well they

Project Objectives:

Upon completing the writing project, you will:

(1) Obtain experience in writing about genomics;

(2) Synthesize information from several sources that address your topic and your question;

(3) Build an argument to defend the answer to your topic/question.

(1) You can pick a topic of your choice, formulate a question, and use the primary literature to defend the answer to your question. This is like your typical term paper and most students will choose this option.

  • Submitted on time – 30 points
  • 2 pages – 20 points (10 points per page)
  • Brief Introduction to your topic (1-2 paragraphs) – 30 points
    • includes specific question and/or thesis – 10 points
    • adequate information is provided to understand the motivation behind the question/thesis – 10 points
    • the question and/or thesis is focused on genomics – 10 points
  • At least one paragraph investigating your thesis – 30 points
    • This is where you start addressing your question and/or thesis. It is the start of the body, or main part, of your project.
  • A citation/reference to at least ONE lecture – 10 points
    • This is to make sure that the basic principles of genomics are in your paper. You can use a simple citation format, such as (Module 2, Genomic diversity).
  • At least one citation/reference to the primary literature – 10 points
    • This has to be a research article (not a review article or a mainstream news article). If you are unsure, you can ask Dr. Demuth. Many students lose points on this so be sure you have a real research paper!
  • Adequate grammar – 10 points
    • Use complete and coherent sentences. The paper needs to flow and make logical sense. Dr. Demuth must be able to understand the writing.
  • Unicheck score is <10% – 10 points

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