This is two assignments with two separate dates.

Leading American company Alcoa has embraced this leadership imperative like few other companies have, tapping into the relationship between community building, STEM education development (science, technology, engineering, and math), and talent development and acquisition including a focus on diversity. All of these elements and more have been identified as essential to building sustainable innovation cultures designed to achieve technological breakthroughs that achieve competitive advantage. This case study presents information from the various strands of activity Alcoa uses to advance corporate initiatives all aimed at achieving these goals.
Analyze the case and address the following: 5-7 pages
Using all of the documentation you have constructed throughout the course, assemble and refine these documents to comprise a comprehensive Leadership Plan.
As you assemble your document, create section headings for every unique category in the plan, and within sections, use sub-headers to make distinctions between unique elements. In each section, include enterprise examples in which the factors being discussed are illustrated to add context and meaning to the concepts.
Do not forget to compile and expand your references into a comprehensive bibliography and identify areas where further research might be needed.
Use this checklist to guide your work: 10-12 pages
Files: dul27qi0of.docx, g9rvt3t1dn.docx

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