The Future of Travel

The Future of Travel” Please respond to the following:
Review the video titled “The Future of Driverless Cars”, located in your course shell; then, speculate on three (3) benefits that you believe will take place when society full embraces self-driving automation. Next, consider the following question, “To what extent might you miss the thrill of driving “the open road” in a driverless vehicle society?” Then, provide a response in which you explain your thoughts on this question.

Suggest three (3) ways that you envision the use of autonomous vehicles within society in the future. Next, using one (1) of your suggested usages, predict one (1) way that usage will be beneficial to society.
Based on Chapter 7 of your textbook and the video “The Future of Driverless Cars”, determine three (3) challenges that impact the implementation of Full Total Driving Automation Level 4 as set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Next, predict when you believe this technology will fully arrive in the United States; then, explain what you believe the public’s perception will be when this technology arrives. Will this technology be embraced or rejected? Justify your response.

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