The evolution of the unions goals in the civil war

Five Page analysis, The evolution of the unions goals in the civil war.

# Brief Overview: Your paper should contain the following elements:

# State a clear thesis early in your piece.

# Be sure to analyze, rather than summarize, the topic or issue that you are researching .

# Be precise yet thorough in your presentation. Do not “pad” your work, rather make every element of your paper work toward presenting/proving your thesis.

# Watch the chronology.

#Cite your sources carefully. When in doubt, footnote. Err on the side of caution when including the work of your sources and\or  authors.

   You are to write a five page typed, or seven pages hand written, analysis in which you in operate lectures and the appropriate texts, articles and other readings to answer the broad conceptual question. This is not a book report so you understand the work’s thesis and subject matter, and how that source relates your other sources, and to your chosen topic. You may use sources that agree with, or contradict one another. If you use sources that agree, then your piece will be a compare work. If your sources contradict each other, then your piece will be a contradict piece. The data points that you will choose must fall between the years 1800-1865.


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