Term 5 week 7 discussions


Term 5 Week 7 Discussions

Week 7 Discussion Board (BUS6750 International Business Management)

Part 1 – Chapter 17: How has organized labor responded to the increased bargaining power of multinational corporations? 

Part 1 – Chapter 17: Describe the different approaches that international businesses take to labor relations. 

Unit 7 DB: The Trolley Dodgers (ACC440 Auditing)

In this brief case, a long-time and trusted employee of the Los Angeles Dodgers engaged in a large scale payroll fraud to embezzle funds from the organization.  Over a period of several years, this fraudulent scheme cost the owners of the Dodgers several hundred thousand dollars.  Contributing to the success of the fraud was the laxity of the Dodgers’ internal controls.  Eventually, the fraud was exposed when the individual who masterminded the scheme was hospitalized on an emergency basis and thus unable to “cover his tracks” for a period of time.

Read further information about the case:  
Discussion Board 7 Trolly Dodgers.doc 

Unit 7 DB: The Interview (CTC301 Professional Success Seminar)

This site provided in our text reading includes a comprehensive set of interview questions you might expect to be asked, categorized as basic interview questions, behavioral questions, salary questions, career development questions, and other kinds.

Choose any 10 questions from Monster’s list and list and answer them in this discussion board. 

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