Short response paper 1 | Criminal homework help



  1. Respond to each prompt with a 1-3 paragraph response.
  2. Answer in complete sentences/paragraphs.
  3. Make sure your using proper grammar.
  4. Utilize your textbook, as well as any other resources from the course in answering the question!
  5. Make sure you fully answer each prompt for credit!
  6. Read the rubric! If you read the rubric and complete the assignment with it in mind you should have a good idea on what your score is before I even look at it.

Prompt 1:  Describe your own fear of crime. How often are you fearful of crime? What are some precautions you have taken, or why have you not taken some precautions? What do you believe causes or drives your current level of fear of crime? 

Prompt 2:  In your own words, compare and contrast primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Which do you believe is most important and why?

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