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Accepted research tools are demonstrated using interviews, surveys, observations, questionnaires, and more (Babbie, 2015). With Covid-19 affecting the nation, it has affected research tools. Digital interviews are now more apparent within research and have been found to enhance long-distance participation and even be cost effective, however, the downfall to this is having technical difficulties that could affect the quality of an interview (Thunberg & Arnell, 2021). This data is analyzed either quantitively, qualitatively or by both methods. As discussed in previous discussions, qualitative methods are a collection of non-numerical data to understand a concept or opinion, however, quantitative data usually relies on numerical data to prove its point (Babbie, 2015, p. 26). It is always beneficial to use triangulation, when possible, to strengthen research findings.

A research tool is the method utilized in research; however, research instrument discusses the procedures and methods used within the research too. (Research tools 1. 2021). A research tool is a tool used to measure a variable or collect information needed to answer a research question.


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