Sci/163t: elements of health and wellness wk 4 discussion – nutrition | SCI163 Elements Of Health And Wellness | University of Phoenix


The initial post is due on Wednesday and needs to be a minimum of 175 words.

As we age, and our bodies change, nutritional needs may change as well. There are various stages of life that we will be reviewing.

· Pregnancy

· Infancy (0-3 years)

· Childhood (4-11)

· Adolescence (12-21)

· Adulthood (21-60)

· Older Adult (60+)

Week 4 questions:

  • Pregnant women have increased requirements for calories and for most nutrients. Some nutrients are more important than others. What are some of the most important vitamins and mineral needed during the pregnancy stage? Why are these nutrients needed?
  • The nutritional status and health of American children and adolescents has been declining in recent years. 
  • What are some reasons for this decline? 
  • What are some health issues that are occurring in children and teens?
  • What are some important vitamins and minerals that children and teens need and why? 
  • What steps can parents take to improve the nutritional status and health of children and adolescents and reverse this trend?
  • According to a report by the Merck Institute of Aging and Health and the CDC, two-thirds of older Americans (60+ years) fail to practice good nutrition. What are some issues (chronic diseases, health, lifestyle, economics, etc.) seen with older adults that can interfere with sound nutrition? What are some specific steps that can be taken to address these issues?
  • The supplement market has grown dramatically in the past years. More than half of Americans use at least one dietary supplement. Do Americans need to take supplements? Why or why not? Are there certain vitamins or minerals that are important to supplement at certain stages of life? Which stage of life and why? 

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