Sc 210 week 2, 3 and 4 discussion question



A Short Documentary on Gentrification – 


The purpose of this exercise is to develop a more nuanced understanding of gentrification.

Watch this video A Short Documentary on Gentrification, and write your answers to the following questions.

  • What are the costs of gentrification? Are the costs more than financial? Who pays those costs?
  • Who benefits from gentrification?
  • What is the relationship between race and gentrification?
  • How is gentrification a reflection of systemic inequality as well as individual inequality?



In this activity, you will examine how the media constructs gender norms.

Pick from one of the following forms of media, and examine the gendered images and messages created about what it means to be a man and woman in society: magazines (American Girl and Scout Life are great choices), television advertisements, a film, or social media.

  • As you examine your form of media, write your answers to these questions:
    • What messages are being conveyed about what it means to be a boy or man or girl or woman in society?
    • Do the images and messages you see maintain the gender binary, challenge it, or redefine it?
    • How are people “doing gender” in this form of media?


Have you observed or personally experienced generational conflict? What arguments or accusations have you heard, and in what situations do you think these conflicts usually arise? Who, if anyone, do you think might profit from generational conflict and the sense that one’s own generation is under attack? Consider differences in social, religious, or political beliefs, or consider different responses to major events such as a pandemic. 


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