Research Methodology Assignment

The primary purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in determining appropriate research methods to be used with the research question and hypotheses you have posed and with the type data you would need to collect to answer your question. Your report must contain the sections indicated in the previous paragraph, and APA formatting standards must be followed throughout. The paper does not have to be lengthy; perhaps 750 to 1500 words. You may find it helpful to outline your paper before you begin to write it. An outline helps you see the logical connections (or lack thereof) among the parts of the paper. The following gives more information on what should be in each of the sections mentioned above. A good point to keep in mind is that your methodology section should be in enough detail that if you gave someone else your methodology section and your data, they could do the analysis.
Study Design – This is a brief overview section. You should repeat the research question and hypotheses from your literature review assignment here, then briefly tell what type of study you would do, what type of data you would collect, and how you would collect and analyze the data. Most of these points are covered in more detail in later sections.
• Population and Sample – This is a short section describing the population for your report, your sample, and how your sample will be selected.
Variables and Measures – Describe the variables in your study. Indicate whether they are independent, dependent, moderating, or intervening. Describe the relationship among the variables. Tell how they will be measured.
Data Collection Methods – Tell what kind of data you need to collect and how, where, and when you will collect the data. If you plan to use a survey or questionnaire, include a copy of that instrument in an appendix to your report. Also include a copy of your cover letter for your survey. If you plan to interview, tell if it would be structured or unstructured and why. If it is a structured interview, include the questions you would ask in an appendix to the report.
Data Analysis Methods – Describe the techniques you will use to analyze the data. Indicate why you selected those methods and why they are appropriate for your study.
References – Your report must contain a reference section that includes all sources in your paper. References must be in APA format
H0 – there is no significant relationship between money supply and open market operations
H1 – that there is a significant correlation between money supply and open market processes.
The literature review supported by the theoretical framework of open market operations themes empirically have attempted to answer the above hypotheses research questions.

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