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Importance of Research Dissemination and Preferred Strategies 

 Dissemination is an important aspect of research and evidence-based practice. Once a study is completed, the information should be spread or disseminated to increase knowledge. This is especially important when it comes to health care as new research is always being conducted and the best practices are changing, leading to a need for dissemination of information to promote these changes. There are many ways to disseminate research, including press releases, brochures, discussions on the radio, presenting information at events or conferences, creation and distribution of materials, and many others (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2022). Most information that I see disseminated is done through email via PowerPoints and other documents. There has been a gap demonstrated within the community for research, and this gap contributes to poor health literacy and the increase in poor disease management.   

     I would use several strategies for the dissemination of research. I would utilize PowerPoints both through unit-based presentations and email. Unit-based presentations would be a quick overview and engage the staff working during that time. I would use email to expand my net; that way, if staff cannot be present for the presentation, they will still have the information available. All staff at the facility I work have access to email, but presentation times may not be conducive to everyone’s schedule. This would allow the staff who chose to come to the presentation, yet still provide information to all the staff. PowerPoints are short and highlight key aspects, so they are my preferred type of dissemination since they get the information across in a quick but informative way. If I were dealing with the public, I would still utilize PowerPoints and have community gatherings at local spots that are easy for the general population to access. At these more formal meetings, I would disperse information using either flyers or brochures that people could retain later.  

Barriers to Research Dissemination 

     There are many barriers to consider when attempting to disseminate information. One barrier may be the population itself. Not every population will understand certain information types, which may be even more apparent when addressing rural communities. Rural health communities may be addressed by “Using social media tools is an effective way to expand reach, foster engagement, spread key messages, and increase access to credible health research” (Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, 2023). Health literacy is influential in patients’ health and how they perceive and implement information. In cases where a large rural population is addressed, several strategies should be used to ensure that everyone understands the information or research conducted. I would utilize educational meetings, PowerPoints, and social media to help convey the message to this community. Whitty (2019) states, “Research is of no use unless it gets to the people who need to use it.” If we do not utilize proper techniques based on our audience to disseminate information, it does not matter how important the information behind the dissemination is.  


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