Reference page activity | Physiology homework help


Each of the ten references pages comes from an actual student essay, a research-based persuasive essay that was the class’s final project. A few of these reference pages are decent, but many have serious flaws.

These students were instructed to rely on academic, reliable sources, but were not specifically instructed to make use of sources from the UMC library databases.

All student reference pages are reproduced here in the format in which they originally appeared, formatting errors and all. I have only made slight modifications to font type and font size.

* * *

Evaluate each of these references pages by considering a few criteria and questions:

1. Format – does the page adhere to APA format? Follow this link   ( or look to your textbook for  a properly formatted APA reference page.

2. Quality – do the sources seem like they’re high quality, from reputable sources?   Are the sources primarily peer-reviewed? Are the sources that aren’t peer-reviewed from well-known and trusted sources?

3. Recency – are the sources as recent as they should be the subject matter? Are sources related to scientific issues very current?

4. Variety – is there a variety of types of sources and authors used? Or, does the writer rely too much on a single author, site, or publication?



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