Reading response journal : apply “inventing your argument” to create

 I’ve attached the discussion and journal you wrote earlier for reference, btw the discussion part about amber is kind of wrong, she isn’t a confident person. Please make sure to read carefully, There will be an  outline and an es.say draft following this one.

The assigned reading, “Inventing Your Argument” details several ways to go about developing and testing your argument for an ess.ay before you get into the middle of writing the ess.ay and realize then that it’s not working. From passing English 1A, you should have had some training in the writing process and the general steps we take to create a solid piece of writing. (If not take a moment to learn a bit about the writing process on Purdue OWL Links to an external site.). Acheson’s chapter on invention, concerns itself largely with developing and supporting an argument by “charting” evidence. This is similar to an outline, except that it takes on a more visual form. The fourth version of Acheson’s chart is so detailed that is looks a bit like a well organized spreadsheet in which arguments connect similar to how formulas might manipulate numbers (93).

For This Assignment

Create a chart in which you brainstorm, select, and categorize evidence from the play Actually into a chart like what Acheson developed for her argument about This Is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams. For your chart, list the major portions of your ess.ay at top, and at left your chart should include rows for each character. It might look like this:

Ess.ay 1Characteristics (quotes, pg. #s)Important Quotes in Favor (pg. #s)Important Quotes Against (pg. #s)AmberTom

Clearly my chart is a bit empty, but yours should be 100% chock-full of stuff. Include at least three pieces of evidence/quotes for each box. Most importantly, make sure to include page numbers in your chart. I want this to be a useful visual organizer that you can quickly refer to as you’re constructing your outline and ess.ay.

After constructing your chart, please provide

  • a one-paragraph description of the items in your chart and
  • a second paragraph reflecting on the process of creating the chart

Journal assignments should be 1-2 pages in length.

Student Example

This assignment is a bit tricky, so here’s an example from a previous class Download example from a previous class. Please use this as a model, not something to plagiarize.

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