Question 1 of 10 0.1 Points The following is NOT a method commonly used to study lateralization of function in normal people A.

Question 1 of 100.1 PointsThe following is NOT a method commonly used to study lateralization of function in normal peopleA.tachistoscopic presentation of information to only one part of visual fieldB.WADA testC.dichotic listening tasksD.single-cell recordingsReset SelectionQuestion 2 of 100.1 PointsDiaschisis involves:A.recovery of functions proximally located to the area of insult after temporary disruptionB.recovery of functions proximally located to the area of insult with prosthetic devices.C.recovery of functions distally located to the area of insult after temporary neuronal disruption.D.recovery of function with extensive therapyReset SelectionQuestion 3 of 100.1 PointsThe Wada technique involves:A.injection of oxygenated air for visualization of the ventriclesB.scalp recording of alpha, beta, and theta wavesC.the injection of a barbiturate to anesthesize one hemisphereD.the injection of an iodine agent to visualize the activity of one hemisphereReset SelectionQuestion 4 of 100.1 PointsConstraint induced movement therapyA.involves constraining the unaffected limbs from useful movementB.involves the idea is that the affected limb will be utilized more than it would normally used in stroke survivors and children with cerebral palsyD.all the above are trueReset SelectionQuestion 5 of 100.1 Points_______ of right-handers appear to have left-hemisphere dominance for language; _____________ of left-handers have this organization.A.95%; 70%B.95%; 5%C.80%; 80%D.100%; 50%Reset SelectionQuestion 6 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following neuroanatomical asymmetries does not favour the left hemisphere?A.larger inferior parietal lobuleB.doubling of Heschl’s gyrusC.larger planum temporaleD.less steep Sylvian fissureReset SelectionQuestion 7 of 100.1 PointsWhereas females are (on average) better at _____ and ____, men are better at _____ and ______.A.mathematical reasoning; verbal fluency; mental rotation; visual recognition memoryB.spatial memory; arithmetical computation; mental rotation; mathematical reasoningC.mental rotation; visual recognition memory; mathematical reasoning; geometryD.spatial memory; mathematical reasoning; mental rotation; arithmetical computationReset SelectionQuestion 8 of 100.1 PointsWhich one of the following is the largest path of communication between the right and left hemisphere?A.anterior commissureB.hippocampal commissureC.corpus callosumD.habenular commissureReset SelectionQuestion 9 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following is NOT a variable that affects recovery?A.IntelligenceB.Socioeconomic statusC.PersonalityD.Gender & handednessReset SelectionQuestion 10 of 100.1 PointsWhich of the following behaviors is least likely that of a person with a frontal lobe lesion?A.Purposely ramming the car in front of you while in a traffic jamB.Waiting patiently for turn in a long lineC.Sexually propositioning an attractive strangerD.Spending their life savings on a risky stock buyReset Selection

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