QUESTION 1 In examining our enchantment with villains, it is important to note the predominant characteristic of our age,…

In examining our enchantment with villains, it is important to note the predominant characteristic of our age, _____________________________________________.
the inherent violent tendencies in all human beings
the greed found throughout our society
the rampant immorality of society
the growing importance of individual desires
Question 2
Our political climate has resulted in the reformulation of the image of the vampire as a _________________.
powerful savior
potent sex object
powerful icon
strong role model
Question 3
The work of psychologist Melanie Klein is useful in explaining our fascination with vampires. Klein examines the processes an infant undergoes in forming its ego, resulting in_______________.
splitting the mother
joining the father
growing up
birthing the id
Question 4
The fantasy of devouring the mother through vampire-like sucking characterizes the first process experienced by the infant, called __________________________.
depressive anxiety
maturation anxiety
Oedipal anxiety
persecutory anxiety
Question 5
In many contemporary vampire tales, female main characters tend to be_______________________________.
vampire orphans
orphaned and genetically enhanced
orphaned or abused
orphaned or poorly mothered
Question 6
In Melanie Klein’s method of analysis, boys and girls _____________________________________________.
undergo different preoedipal experiences
undergo the same preoedipal experiences
undergo the same process identified by Jungian analysis
are both attracted to their siblings
Question 7
In the Vampire Academy series, the Moroi are vampires who ________________________________.
do not control their feeding
feed only on willing donors
guard those vampires too weak to protect themselves
are half-human and half-vampire
Question 8
In Blood Promise, Rose takes part in a ___________________________, as outlined by Joseph Campbell.
meeting with the goddess
blood pact
proper quest
sacred vow
Question 9Vampire stories are typically set in a world which is rather_____________, except for the presence of vampires.
moral and virtuous
grotesque and frightening
dull and boring
mundane or normal
Question 10
According to the ___________________ in the Twilight series, sex should be delayed until marriage
conservative ideology
feminist ideology
political extremism
liberal ideology
Question 11
In the Twilight series, sex and vampire feeding must be______________
Question 12
In the world of the Twilight series, ______ are associated with mothering.
sex and death
food and sex
food and feeding
sex and journeys
Question 13
The protagonist who says, “”I don’t date vampires. I kill them,” is
Anita Blake
Bella Swan
Rose Hathaway
Buffy Summers

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