Q1. Problem 21 on Page 35-6 of Chapter 4

Q1. Problem 21 on Page 35-6 of Chapter 4 (Eckstein, 2015)        Please do not use MS Access for this problem.  EITHER draw an entity-relationship diagram with a database design outline OR draw an entity-relationship diagram such that each entity contains all attributes for the entity (NOT BOTH). You should choose a proper primary key for each table. You may create “ID” synthetic key fields as necessary. If possible, create a design that avoids wasting space.Restaurant Health Inspection Office: Your office oversees restaurant health inspections for Somerton County. You have a staff of inspectors, for each of whom you want to store a first name, last name, date hired, office phone number, and mobile phone number. For each restaurant in the county, you want to store a name, address information, phone number, and date opened. You also want your system to remember who owns each restaurant. Each restaurant has one owner, but an owner may have many restaurants. For each owner, you want to store a name, address information, phone number, and e-mail address. An inspection involves a single inspector visiting a single restaurant. For each inspection, you also want to store the date/time that the inspection started. 98% of Copyright © 2015 Jonathan Eckstein and Bonnie R. Schultz. All rights reserved. — 36 — inspections are “pass” inspections, meaning that no health violations were found. The remaining 2% are “fail” inspections. For each fail inspection, you want to store a 255- character description of the health violations found. Design a database to store this information, taking care not to waste 255 blank characters of storage to describe violations for “pass” inspections. Draw an entity-relationship diagram and write a database design outline.

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