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A single PDF with candidate project ideas your team is interested in completing. For each project idea, answer the following questions:What is the title of this project?In 3 sentences or less, what would a successful delivery of this project look like?Why do you think this project would be interesting to pursue?Example project ideas from past classesThe purpose of sharing this is to give an idea of the scope taken on by past project teams.Develop and implement a student attendance system that can be used by colleges to track and analyse student attendance trends.Make it easier for students at the university to get the required books needed for classesUpdate the existing online tutoring system into a sleeker, more efficient design.Help and guide all people whose interest in visiting Oregon state for the first time, by exploring the popular places in each city in the state and arrange a plan for it.To provide a helpful planning tool and academic social platform that IS and CS students and future students can use in order to more efficiently plan out school classes, get information on teachers, and is helpful in preparing a comprehensive degree plan and personal academic schedule.For MADAM EASY–

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