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Project 6 Description

 In this module, you will find two files:
Teams.txt – this file contains a list of several Major League baseball teams in alphabetical order.  Each team listed in the file has won the World Series at least once.
WorldSeriesWinners.txt – this file contains a chronological list of the World Series winning teams from 1903 – 2012.  The first line in the file is the nae of the team that won in 1903 and the last line is the name of the team that won in 2012.  Note that the World Series was not played in 1904 or 1994.
Create an application that displays the contents of the Teams.txt file in a ListBox control.  When the user selects a team in the ListBox, the application should display the number of times that team has won the World Series in the time period from 1903 to 2012.
Tip:  Read the contents of the WorldSeriesWinners.txt file into a List or an array.  When the user selects a team, an algorithm should step through the list or array counting the number of times the selected team appears.

To Do:
1.  Zip your entire project together.   Upload your .zip file into the dropbox.
2.  Check the Calendar for the due date.
3.  Check the rubrics to see how your project will be graded.


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