paper with apa and 5 peer references without plagiarism

Write a research paper in APA format from among the subjects listed below.  Integrate what you have learned from the course resources (.e.g. Textbook Readings, Discussion Board Posts, Chapter Presentations) into your document.As you consider the topic for your research paper, try and narrow the subject down to a manageable issue.  Search for academic journal articles (i.e. peer reviewed) and other sources related to your selected subject.  Because this is a research paper, you must be sure to use proper APA format citations.  Your paper must include an introduction stating what you paper is about and also state a logical conclusion.This paper must contain a minimum of 1500 words of content and use at least 5 peer reviewed sources.  Peer reviewed sources include:  Academic Journal Articles, Textbooks, and Government Documents.  At least one of the textbooks for this course must be used as a source for this paper.Available Topics:1.Big Data use for decision-making by Social Media Organizations2.Financial Services Organization use of Decision Support Systems3.Game Theory for Stock Market Selling Price Optimization4.Use of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems in the telecommunications industry5.Call Center use of Natural Language Processing6. Affinity Program use of Decision Trees for marketing optimization

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