Pa1 plan | Computer Science homework help


Save your plan as YourLastNameFirstInitialSecNoPA1Plan.  Submit here the plan you will write from the planning video below.  The plan is worth 10 points.  The plan is graded as all or nothing.  The plan grade added to your PA1 will be what you earn for PA1.  Plan is 10 points, PA1 is 90 for a total of 100 possible points. 

Watch this video to create your plan from which you will code your PA1.  The plan template is attached (above).  This video essentially gives you the 10 points.  The remaining PAs are usually based on PA1; therefore, getting PA1 to function properly from the start is critical.  The plan is graded all or nothing, so please follow the video carefully.  You also need time to code the program even if you already have the logic for it from the plan.  If you don’t have two monitors, you can run the video in one window, and type in another window on the same monitor.  Use the Windows Icon button (left of Alt) on your keyboard, press the left or right arrows to flush one window to the left or right of your monitor.

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