Organizational Communication Concepts

For this discussion post, you get to choose which Organizational Communication (Org Comm) concept or idea to discuss! After reading Module 10, Chapter 10, and the Chapter 10 PowerPoint, select one Org Comm concept/theory/idea that stood out to you. It can be a concept/idea that you found particularly interesting and that you agree with, or it can be a concept/idea that you disagree with and would like to challenge.
After selecting the idea or concept you’d like to discuss, please respond to the following:
1.) Briefly explain or define the Org Comm concept/idea that you’ve chosen to focus on. Why did this particular concept or idea stand out to you? (Everyone must respond to this first prompt.)
NOTE: Because the first discussion post requires you to discuss and analyze anticipatory socialization, please do not select this concept to discuss.
Next, respond to either #2 or #3 depending on whether you agree or disagree with (or like or dislike) the Org Comm concept you’ve chosen:
2.) If you found the concept interesting and you agree with its premise, please explain why it resonated with you. Then, briefly discuss how you might apply this Org Comm concept to your workplace experiences in the future or how you think it can help you in your career.
3.) If you do not agree with the concept or idea (or do not like it), please explain why you disagree with its premise or why it didn’t resonate with you. Then, provide a suggestion of how the Org Comm idea/concept could be changed, expanded on, or improved to better (or more accurately) describe our organizational communication experiences.
Files: 7bastdb78t.pdf

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