Online porfolios | Architecture and Design homework help

The topic of the week is “The Power of Knowledge.” With this theme in mind your goal for this week’s discussion is to research two designers or studios that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Research and provide a link to one studio and designer whose work your absolutely respect and another you positively do not want to emulate. Show examples of their best and worst designs and explain why you feel the way you do.

While writing avoid general statements and personal attacks, and critique these designers / studios only by the work seen in their online portfolios. What advice would you give the designer or studio with the poor quality portfolio and what question would you ask the successful designers?

For you follow up post, look at another student’s two selections and write whether you agree or disagree with their choices. Explain why you feel this way. As always avoid general statements and support your opinion with valid analysis.

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.

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