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I would like each of you to identify one bioethical issue discussed in Weiss’s chapter 13. Discuss how this bioethical issue highlights power differences between social groups and issues of power relations that sociologists seek to explore/reveal. After you outline the power dynamic inherent in the issue, pose ethical questions to each other like the question posed in chapter 12: “Ethical Debate: Choosing Alternative Options” which asks “Do prospective parents have the right to choose unconventional childbirth attendants? Do individuals have the right to choose unconventional health care practices or treatments, for themselves or for their children, without interference from doctors and the courts?” In other words, pose ethical questions to each other based on the material in chapter 13 and engage in debate around these issues with each other.
i don’t have the reading as a PDF, but for chapter 13 you can just google (weitz and bioethical issues) and use a reliable source.
extra sources
The Hastings Center
Video on Bioethics Debates

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