one paragraph / social health / due in 4 hours

Drawing from chapter 7 in Weitz, how do you think that the medical model of mental illness differs from common conceptions of mental illness? What do you think about Norah Vincent’s observations of how she was treated as a mental health patient? How did she interface with the medical system? Critique and/or support the medical model of mental illness.
1- find some resources online about Weitz and mental illness.
2- see the attachment
3- below
Elyn Saks: A Tale of Mental Illness– from the inside
View this clip on lobotomies and Walter Freeman who developed the lobotomy. It is a disturbing film about how science came to view mental illness and how scientists have viewed the solution for it.
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
National Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness
The Mental Illness Education Project, Inc.
Files: n1fvh3easd.pdf

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