Mans search for meaning paper viktor frank

2 FULL page(s), SINGLE SPACED, TIMES NEW ROMAN polished and edited for grammar and mechanics.


Assignment Introduction:

As we have been discussing in class, Intercultural Communication is always grounded through our own cultural training and history of experiences. The process of naming and “owning” our personal and cultural biases, judgments, prejudices, assumptions, stereotypes, and “ways of seeing” allows us to become more conscious and mindful as we communicate and interact with others. And because our individual and cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes shape and influence our choices and behaviors, it is very hard to change our behaviors and choices unless we are willing to question/examine our individual and cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes. As such, the possibilities of enriching intercultural communication (and positive social change) always rest on our own willingness to grow more conscious as human beings. It is our conscious commitment to empathy, connection, compassion, harmony, wellVbeing, and peace that demonstrates our best practices and forms of communication within and across cultural groups.


Assignment Description:
Please use your reading of Man’s Search For Meaning to answer the following questions. Use specific quotes and examples from Frankl’s text to help you support your responses:

  1. 1)  The consequences of unconsciousness and unexamined judgments, prejudices, assumptions, stereotypes, and “ways of seeing” can be deeply tragic. Explain how these consequences can lead to human disconnection, marginalization, hatred, and even the most brutal acts of violence and destruction against individuals and groups.


  2. 2)  How js consciousness and human connection (within and across cultures) exemplified even in the

    darkest of circumstances and conditions?


3) According to Frankl, what inspires our “best” selves and our “worst” selves? Offer examples.

4) What, according to Frankl, is always a power we have, regardless of circumstances?



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