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57 YO Hispanic who presents with high BP. Associated symptoms include, headache, tiredness, and sleep disturbances due to snoring. Reports 10# weight gain over the last year. BMI of 28.7. Poor diet. Physical exam showed elevated BP on left arm 172/94 and right arm 178/98. Laterally displaced PMI. Prominent arteriovenous (AV) nicking 3:1 ratio. No JVP, murmurs or carotid bruit noted. management plan template nursing assignment essay


The Primary Diagnosis is Hypertension, primary (essential)

Differential DX are:

  1. Hypertension, secondary
  2. Hypertension, white coat/pseudoresistant
  3. Obstructive Sleep apnea

Please use these to answer the following questions on the Management Plan

The Management Plan has to be in this order EXACTLY

References have to be at least 3 SCHOLARLY and APA Format

Management plan template
Primary Diagnosis with ICD-10 code, rationale and
resources. Include CPT codes, and any procedural codes,
including nurse lab draws, vaccinations given, biopsies,
etc…10 pts.
Guidelines used to develop this primary diagnosis. 5 pts
Differential diagnoses with rationale and resources. 3-5
Ddx required, unless well visit. 5 pts
Medications including OTC, dosage and education,
additional ancillary tests needed, referrals and follow up –
10 pts


Problem Statement – 5 pts
Social Determinants of Health to consider, Health
Promotion and Pt risk factors – 5 pts
Must use 3 scholarly references
Worth 40 points
Management Plan Template– must include these
headings management plan template nursing assignment essay


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