Literary analysis ess@y final draft

Feedback from my professor: You’ve done a good job here overall! You’re certainly on the right track to have a strong [email protected] Right now, this question is a bit broad because of the way the [email protected] is put together. I’m neither an editor, nor merciless, but I think that one place you could focus on for revisions is smoothing transitions between ideas both within and between paragraphs. Right now the [email protected] reads like it was written in chunks and placed together. I think this is where you should focus on revision in your body paragraphs. 

Feedback from Peers: Could use more quotes is the main feedback.

First is a doc of the [email protected] rough draft with my edits, please use this word doc.

Second is a pdf of the rubric

Third is another pdf for editing to make sure it will get an A.

Try to get the [email protected] to 1,500 words roughly, can be less. DO NOT have more than 1,550 words please.

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