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Based on the Brewton Business Scenario, outline the implementation resources identified by team members in their individual Week One assignments, prioritize the list, then create job descriptions and develop criteria to evaluate candidates.Note: To access the Microsoft® Project template unzip the linked file.Learning Teams will provide a 3- to 4-slide PowerPoint® presentation to be presented to senior management to gain approval to hire/purchase additional resources for the project. Include the following:List implementation resources (people and hardware) identified by combining team member lists, removing duplicates, and determining which resources are most critical.Identify the human resources needed for the project. Assume you will need to hire people from the outside to fill these roles.Specify the qualifications of human resources, and prepare “help wanted” ads to appear in job hunting websites. Each team member will provide two or three ads and suggestions of websites where the ads should be posted.Develop criteria for evaluating applicants responding to the ads.Developcriteria for assessing hardware resources to be purchased in support of the implementation project.

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