Internet of things | Computer Science homework help

The assignment I need you to complete is to write a 2-4 page paper on the ‘Internet of Things.” I want you to write what it is, and what is your opinion on this subject. Do you think The Internet of Things is good or bad or somewhere in between.




A.    Research Paper Format


Required Structure:


1.     Assignments are due when announced.

2.     All work must be:

a.     Computer generated, 12 pt font, single spaced, Times Roman or Arial.

b.     No cover page.

c.     Your name, course name and title at top of 1st page.

3.     All information cited must follow the APA or MLA style manual. 

4.     A bibliography of outside resources will accompany your paper. A minimum three (3) outside scholarly resources cited according to the American Psychological Association (APA) research design manual or MLA research design manual. The text may be cited but will not count as an outside resource.

5.     Grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure, spelling all are assessed components

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