In Week 6, create a PowerPoint presentation related to a common condition

NR 508 Grand Rounds: Week 6 Presentation and Week 7 Peers Discussion
In Week 6, create a PowerPoint presentation related to a common condition in primary care. Your professor will assign you the condition that you are to present.
In a PowerPoint presentation of 15 slides or less, describe the most commonly prescribed drugs for your assigned condition. Provide evidence by sharing clinical guidelines, research articles, or other scholarly materials to support your findings. You will identify barriers to practice or additional issues related to the condition and the use of pharmacologic treatment, including potential issues related to cultural diversity and healthcare literacy.

Read the following article and incorporate evidence from it as a part of your presentation: Dreischulte, T., & Guthrie, B. (2012). High-risk prescribing and monitoring in primary care: how common is it, and how can it be improved?. Therapeutic advances in drug safety , 3 (4), 175-184. The article can be found at

Finally, you will describe the expected outcomes for medication management, including expectations for follow up care. Citations should … provided at the bottom of slides, and a full reference list should … included in APA format on the final slide. You will create five (5) multiple choice or true-false questions created from your presentation content. Provide the answers to the questions you have created. The PowerPoint presentation and questions are due at the e

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