Human resource management week 6 assignment – job satisfaction vs. | BUS 322 – Organizational Behavior | Strayer University


Week 6 Assignment – Job Satisfaction vs. Organizational Commitment

This assignment will build on the first assignment, with a deeper focus on motivation and performance management.   Thinking again about your previous and  current work experiences, consider what is more important to you: job  satisfaction or organizational commitment. In this paper you will  explain your choice, your rationale for that choice, and how it has  impacted your work performance, as well as identify motivational  theories and their impact on employees.   Write a 2–3 page paper (excluding the title page and reference page in the count) in which you respond to the following: 

  • What is more important to you: job satisfaction or organizational commitment, and why?  
  • How has that impacted your work performance?  
  • What motivational theory is used for performance management  purposes by your organization, and what is the impact on employee  morale? 

You will need to reference at least three quality sources in your paper.  

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