HCA 615 Topic 7 DQ 2

HCA 615 Topic 7 DQ 2

HCA 615 Topic 7 DQ 2

3.How to Motivate and Utilize the Board for Fundraising

            Fundraising has played a crucial role in supporting health care related initiatives particularly where maternal health is concerned. The organizational mission entails educating new mothers regarding the significance of vaccinating their newborns within the State of New York. Thus, the board needs to understand that this is a core mandate for the organization, which should act as a uniting factor to drive fundraising initiatives. Moreover, Burke and Friedman (2011) aver that financial operations as regard public health organizations or programs are competitive and complex in nature, which makes it all the more significant that the board comprehends the significance of fundraising and its various sources. In addition, permitting the board to have inside knowledge concerning fundraising and how its supports such initiatives may motivate them to support it. Thus, an open discussion will be necessary wherein all the pertinent information will be shared with the board in order to motivate them to fundraise. Moreover, fundraising also helps to improve patient outcomes and the reputation of a health care facility due to the relationships that it establishes between and among communities and personnel.  All these are reasons as to why the board is going to be motivated to support the initiatives.

4.Other Supporting Materials

            Donor fundraising is the principal mechanism for public health supported initiatives. Burke and Friedman (2011) posit that, “donors want to understand why an organization is moving in a particular direction as they make future investments so, project management tools help donors visualize the links among finances, deadlines, expected outcomes, and the gifts they give” (pg. 145). In addition to the project management tools, tabulation of data regarding vaccination and non –vaccination impacts and presenting them in a graphical format will similarly ensure that the donors get a clear picture as to why they need to support the initiatives.


Burke, R. E. & Friedman, L. H. (2011). Essentials of Management and Leadership in Public Health. Retrieved from https://www.gcumedia.com/digital-resources/jonesandbartlett/2011/essentials-of-management-and-leadership-in-public-health_ebook_1e.php

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The world over, fundraising has played a crucial role in supporting public health initiatives. Specifically, donor funds have taken the leading role in ensuring that public health issues such as maternal health matters are given priority so as to reduce their mortalities. One of the core areas that have received attention from the donors include vaccination. However, in order to get donors’ support for some of these initiatives, it is imperative that a health care organization builds a convincing case and present solid evidence as to why the initiative is necessary. To achieve this, graphical representation of data from evidence-based studies become important. In addition, presentation of such data using MS Word PowerPoint addressing succinct points regarding the initiative will greatly convince donors. Lastly, the usage of project management tools will give the donors an insight into the required resources and specific timelines for the initiatives, which will allow them to plan appropriately.

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