HCA 615 Module 3 DQ 1

HCA 615 Module 3 DQ 1

HCA 615 Module 3 DQ 1

Case Study 14-6: Healthy Conflict Resolution

The Healthy Conflict Resolution case study reveals the existence of a conflictual situation between Dr. Jones and Cindy. The conflict is borne of the fact that Cindy feels that Dr. Jones behaves inappropriately by flouting the hospital rules regarding reporting and departure times as well as rescheduling patient visits more than once. Surprisingly, the conflict is only alive to Cindy as Dr. Jones does not feel like there is something amiss. Given the background of the case, it would be important for a manager to resolve it in a healthy manner in order to maintain respect within the institution.

According to Borkowski (2011), conflicts may arise from among other things perceptions, values, motivations, and facts. The above is evident from the case study as Dr. Jones and Cindy perceive the issue of rescheduling differently. Whereas the former sees the matter of rescheduling as a non-issue judging by his response, the former takes it personally and even empathizes with the patients. Therefore, as a manager, I will first of all let Cindy list down all the accusations that she is levelling against Dr. Jones. Afterwards, I am going to launch an investigation into the matters to separate factual information from exaggerations as prescribed by Almost (2016). The reason for doing this will entail determining the actual style of conflict management that should be adopted in order to address the matter.

The determination of information related to the issue and Dr. Jones aberrations will imply that I adopt necessary measures that could lead to an amelioration of the situation. Therefore, using competition-style management, the issue is going to be addressed by launching performance evaluations on Dr. Jones. According to Borkowski (2011), the application of competition-style management will occur when the matters in question are trivial and need quick fixes. The conflict herein meets the threshold and as such, everything will occur within two days of Cindy launching the complaint.  Thus, using the conflict resolution strategy, Dr. Jones will be summoned and told of the charges. He will then be reminded of the consequences of not adhering to the hospital’s working hours and the punishments for rescheduling patient appointment.

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Borkowski, N. (2011). Organizational behavior in health care. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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I agree with you that it is fundamental to resolve the issue quickly to prevent them from being escalated or festering. However, the issue needs to be addressed conclusively by the manager in order to prevent a future occurrence. Clearly, Dr. Jones has been committing punishable offences by leaving the precincts of the hospital before the stipulated hours. Add this to the fact that he has been arriving late and also rescheduling meetings, and the case becomes one of disciplinary in nature. Therefore, in order to let him know that the hospital has rules that are supreme, the manager needs to adopt the competitive management style wherein the various stratagem prescribed by Borkowski (2011) are employed. As for Cindy, the manager should recommend her for redeployment to another department or doctor as she has shown exemplary attitude and responsibility.


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